Let’s talk tea!

So, now that the weather is getting colder and the holiday spirit is kicking in (Kicking in HARD), it’s all about festive Christmas stuff! Yes, I know it is only November, but I have faked it since April that it is already that time of the year.

No, I haven’t ordered my Xmas jumper just yet, although I was tempted after seeing this on on ASOS (Link). I already checked, the guy is not included in the price!


So finally to the point! I have been drinking tea like a mad woman these past few weeks. My favorite one are from the company TEAPIGS. So if you happen to see those in your local store, go and get some! I have been really loving the one with the snowman, I believe it is called “Spiced winter red tea“, but the lemongrass one is also really nice.

Most of them have no caffeine in them, so that is a really big bonus, at least for me.

So enjoy them and let me know which one is your favorite!