The best products by Kiehl’s for combination skin

There is something I need to tell you about! If you have a Kiehl’s shop near to you- do not think, but just GO there, then take out your credit card and buy these two most amazing miracle products on the planet.

They are called:
1.) Midnight Recovery Concentrate:,default,pg.html

2.) Kiehl’s Avocado eye cream:,default,pd.html

….The Midnight Recovery Concentrate is to die for! It smells of lavender, it is not greasy ( so will not break you out, when you have oily or combination skin ) and it will last you for a very long time. The results are instant. Try it out!

….The avocado eye cream is the way to go if you have very dry skin around your eyes. It is by far my favorite eye cream that I have found and the one I would recommend to eye cream virgins. It has a very creamy texture and the trick is to apply it first between your thumb and ring finger and rub them together before you apply the cream under your eyes (as in that way it will activate the ingredients in it).

— With Kiehl’s.