MAC’s New Lip Pencils – Candy Yum-Yum, Edge To Edge and Ruby Woo

So ladies, I passed the MAC counter today and I swear it’s like a black hole that sucks you in – only in a very positive way.  As I didn’t have the most festive mood today I really felt that I could really use something/someone to sheer me up a bit.

As soon as I walked in, I immediately noticed their new lip pencils. They looked freaking amazing! I decided to pick out three of them – “Candy Yum-Yum”, well hyped “Edge To Edge” and the one and only “Ruby Woo”. I still have my eye on the “Rosy Rim” lip pencil – I might even go back tomorrow to pick it up.

So far I have tried the Ruby Woo one on and fell absolutely in love with it. It is such a nice little product. It is super pigmented and creamy. To be honest, I might even prefer the lip pencil over the lipstick. Also it goes and stays on much better than the lipstick. So I can strongly recommend them to you. Go check them out!
Oh and BTW  I had my first “Public Blogger” moment today. There was this super cool MAC Makeup Artist, who totally managed to make me smile again by being first stranger who recognized me and asked me if I was the blogger. I was so really surprised and I must admit a bit suspicious (that how does she know about my blog). Apparently people talk it!
Anyway, if you happen to read this then thanks again, sweetie – you totally made my day! 🙂 x