NIVEA Hand SOS Intensive Balm

This hand balm has been one of my most used beauty products for the past few weeks. The reasons why I like it so much are simple.
My first reason is that it really hydrates my hands like no other hand cream/balm, secondly it smells really good and my third reason is that it is so affordable (you can pick it up from your local supermarket or a drugstore).
The consistency of the product is very thick. It is definitely more of a hand balm/mask rather than a hand cream. It will leave a residue (a slight waxy film) on your skin. It won’t sink into your skin as fast as your typical hand cream does. So for that reason only I apply this on my hands before I go to bed and I will wash it off in the morning when I wake up. The result really are worth the hassle.So next time you are in the drugstore or somewhere else they sell NIVEA products, give it a go! 🙂 x