My All Time Favourite Scented Candles

This is such a special candle to me and always brings back so many good memories from the time I lived in London. I got mine as a gift from someone really special and it has been my favourite candle from +Jo Malone London ever since. The scent itself is rather masculine and on the heavier side, so would be perfect for the autumn and winter time. It also is a great house warming gift for someone and it lasts forever! So if it’s your first time in their store and you get overwhelmed – remember this one and give it a sniff. You might love it as much as I do! #JoMalone #LimeBasilCandle
This is another really special one. Smells like smoke and leather. A must have if you have an ultimate bachelor pad. Would make a great signature house scent. I think someone told me they have changed the name, so you might need to ask some of their sales representatives what would be the new name or would be the closest match. #MoltonBrown #FireflyEmbersCandle +MOLTON BROWN UK
I had that candle when I was living in Asia and I really like that one even today, smells like tea and looks really cute. You will notice that at one point you would need to cut the leaves as they start to burn a bit, but this happens to most of similar candles that are design like this. #AcquaDiParma #OolongTeaLeavesCandle +Acqua di Parma
Great one if you like woody scents! A cult favourite and well known candle in the industry.
This could easily be one of my favourite house candles. And this will always remind me of my home in London. Super special one!!! 🙂 But I must warn that this is a very strong scent, so if you live in a tiny flat – you will be overwhelmed in seconds. +Parks Candles London Ltd