Fresh scents combo from Chanel and Dove

Recently I have been all about fresh scents and my two favorite ones have been the Chance Eau Fraiche eau de toilette Spray by Chanel and the “Go Fresh” antiperspirant by Dove. The Chanel one I have had my eyes on for a long time now, but only recently I went out and bought myself one. No regrets there. Absolute jackpot! My new favorite scent for sure.

Now when it comes to the Dove one, I must say I am not a massive fan of the spray version (that’s the one I have at the moment), but the scent is so nice.
The reason why I do not like the spray version so much is that it’s not good for your health and the other reason is that the bottle sprays out white powdery residue – that can easily fall on your clothes and make a huge mess. But as I said before, the scent is sooo goooood.

So if you are also into fresh summer scents at the moment – check out this scent by Chanel 🙂