Tricks and Tips How To Get Non Greasy Dewy Fresh and Healthy Looking Skin

Lately I have been obsessed with dewy skin! Highlighters, glitter, glow – bring it on! 🙂

Keeping that on mind, I thought it would be a great idea to share some of my tips and tricks with you and how to get that healthy looking/glowing skin. 

These tips will immediately make you look younger and like you have had a 3 week holiday in the Maldives. So here we go….

My first tip is to drink as much water as humanly possible and then drink some more!!! Even better if you could mix some fresh fruits etc in it (apples, limes, lemons, cucumber…).

Something like THIS, but there are so many brand to choose from these days. Just to give you and example. 



My second tip is to make your very own DIY Glow Mist. You will be surprised how ridiculously easy it actually is to make your very own supercool and refreshing face mist for this summer!

Things I use to make DIY Glow Mist:

Kelli's Blog Mac Fix Plus Nars Hot Sand


Let’s be honest you can really be creative here. You don’t need to use Mac Fix Plus, you can use a little spray bottle and mix water with them. Just remember that they won’t last you as long as the one made with Fix Plus. And you can mix any of your favourite pigment in it, or if you have a broken highlighter (that has been completely smashed), no need to throw this away – you can use this smashed highlighter in your NEW DIY DEWY SKIN MIST. 

How to make a DIY Glow/Dewy skin mist:

You just mix the ingredients. Fix plus + Pigment (M.A.C Tan, Gold dust, Melon) (illuminator/highlighter) = YOU VERY OWN GLOW MIST. 




These were my two favourite tips – I would be very interested in what are your tricks and tips to get a healthy looking non greasy dewy skin?! Keep me posted 🙂 x