The HOSPITAL BAG MUST-HAVES for myself and for the baby

I’m sure there are billion of different opinions on what one would pack in their hospital bag for their delivery, but here are my must-haves and some other products that I would recommend you all bring along. I personally found them all super useful. Let’s be clear – my list might seem excessive for some, yet others might think that they would even add lots of other things to it. People are different and the end of the day – you do YOU! But most of you are here to see what I recommend. and those of you who aren’t, but came here mainly to stalk…sending you all lots of love and WELCOME! xx

And I always have had a personal policy of mine that its OK to overpack rather than under pack. You should see me going for a weekend getaway with my 7 suitcases (yes, I admit I have an overpacking problem). Thankfully becoming a minimalist the past few years has helped me a bit in that department, but still has some room for improvements. 

Before I start with my list, I would like to add a few “thoughts” that I found extremely helpful when I started to stress out about everything and do I have everything in need, etc…Then there were some things someone said to me and that I discovered myself:

1.) Don’t stress about overpacking or under-packing. If you overpack, it’s okay – and if you feel you left something at home or forgot, you can always ask your partner or whoever to bring you the stuff you needed.

2.) Also, remember if you live in a semi OK country, then you can literally walk in empty-handed and they do have all the basic things from the hospital. They have products for you and for the baby diapers, cleaning supplies, clothes etc…so if for some reason you go in labour and your family is a day away, you will be fine there for the first day for sure (if not even longer). I even got a social bag from the hospital for the baby that had some things in it for the baby: diapers, clothes, towel etc. So no stress mama, it will all be OK! xx

Anyway, I’ve done the longest intro, let’s get to the point, shall we…

The first thing that I would like to point out separately is to get a private MIDWIFE. Not a doula, but a proper midwife. I had one and I could honestly say, although it was expensive, it was by far the best decision I could make for me and my baby. As I do have anxiety, and as it was a very difficult time for me, I found that for my own sanity and protection, it’s good to have someone with me that I know will be there and who knows me and can handle the anxiety part. I’m still so thankful for this lady. Although my whole pregnancy/giving birth experience was more like a movie material, then I’m still so thankful for this lady, who helped me to give birth to my perfect little angel. 

I will have two separate lists for you because that is how I organized my packing: first I did my bag and then I knew I will focus and enjoy backing my daughter’s bag. 


1.) Passport/ID also Baby’s documents(pregnancy book and birth plan).

2.) Wallet (also take some coins and cash you can use in the vending machine).

3.) Sanitary pads and the mesh granny pants they sell ( I laughed about them and bought them as a joke until it was no longer funny).. they are so comfy, and I would size up with a number or two with them. 

4.) Paracetamol. Yes, they give you some at the hospital, but if you are in severe pain then it’s good to have some as I found it was a hassle to get them in the middle of the night. 

5.) Nipple cream. That is in case you decide to breastfeed. Super important! breastfeeding was no joke at least for me. 

6.) Snacks and water. Energy bars, chocolate and some I got some Fiji water with me. Anyway, I am a really picky eater so I knew that the hospital food here in Estonia is sort of hit or miss, that if I have few of my own snacks – I would at least have a backup before someone brings me a nice proper hot meal. Also, there are delivery apps you can use where I live that get you whatever you want in the middle of the night. Also, I would get some mints. 

7.) A robe. Ideally in a darker color and depending on the season I would go for a lighter linen/cotton one for warmer months and a comfier warmer one if you also live in a colder climate as I do.

8.) Headphones. I got two of them, for my birth I got wireless ones, that I found helpful during giving birth when I needed to refocus my energy, and then I got basic ones that came with my iPhone, that I used later when the wireless ones needed to be charged.

9.) Phone and the phone charger. not sure about you, but in our house, they are always either missing or broken, so I got a new one for my hospital bag and that strictly stayed there. I decided not to take my computer or iPad or anything like that with me as I wanted this to be a very special few days for us. 

10.) Washbag: toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, shampoo, hair conditioner, hair oil, body-wash (lightly scented), washcloth, mud-mask, face cream, face scrub, hairband, hair-tie, hairbrush, deodorant(unscented one, or with a very faint scent), face oil (I just got my basic vitamin E oil without a scent, makeup remover. why I don’t recommend you to get any scented things is rather common sense, but for those who it might be unclear why, then once you give birth or even before you become highly sensitive when it comes to different scents, at least I did. 

11.) Makeup bag: concealer, foundation, lip balm, mascara, eyeliner, blush.

12.) Face (3x) and a towel for your body. Well, here is the thing, giving birth is messy, so I used the towels they gave us at the hospital while we were there, but the last day going home I wanted to use my own. So I got my own face and body towel. It was just a personal choice, not a necessity. 

13.) Flip flops for the shower and if you want more comfortable slippers to walk around.

14.) Comfy clothes. Whatever that means for you. For me, it meant comfy leggings (I would strongly bringing your pregnancy leggings with you). I also got myself a very comfy pyjama set and a few baggy T-shirts, a nursing bra, warm socks, a cardigan, I wish I would have bought my own pillow as I find the hospital pillows are the worst. 

15.) Present(s) for your midwife and nurses. This is kind of an important one. Their job is NO JOKE. My birth was incredibly stressful in the end and she was there for me this whole time and helped me safely deliver my daughter and for that, I am beyond thankful. 


As I mentioned before that hospitals usually have most of the stuff you might need. But these would be the things I would recommend you bring with you for the baby.

1.) Memory book (baby book) that you can write down all the fresh memories, because trust me the time there might get very blurry. You can even bring one of those sticker thingies that you can take their first footprint for the memories. I didn’t do the footprint thing. To be honest I think I did her first proper footprint when she turned 6 months old. Ooops!

2.) Water wipes. These wipes are the best.

3.) Diapers. Although again the hospital has them, it’s good to have your own and to get a few different brands. I remember I really ended up liking the Huggies ones, I believe they were called Huggies Elite Soft nr2. So if you are also a first-time mama I would suggest you give these ones a go.

4.) Sleepyhead Delux+. I mean this has been one of the best purchases I did. I am even planning to get my daughter the bigger version now that she is almost 9 months old. It is more on the expensive side of baby nests, but I have lots of friends who have gotten the cheaper versions of sleepyhead and they still end up buying the original sleepyhead in the end. There is just something about that one! A must-have and as we had the big bed, she ended up sleeping next to me, but I remember being super paranoid and worried that I might roll over her in the middle of the night, so I asked to bring my sleepyhead the next day to the hospital and it immediately made our lives so much easier. 

5.) Car seat. I would recommend the Cybex Cloud Z one, I like that you can recline this one, so if you have a long car ride home that would be a nice option. Also, there is a really good one from Nuna (I think it is the Lite one), also there is a Maxi-Cosi one that is Pebble, I’ve heard good things about these two as well. 

6.) Pacifier. I like Bibs ones.

7.) Going home outfit (+warm jumpsuit if necessary).

8.) Mittens. I know some people take their whole nail kit to the hospital, but I wasn’t ready to cut her nails on the first day and wow were they long and sharp. And yes, they do scratch themselves with those nails and also I have learned that they don’t even recommend cutting their nails for the first days. 

9.) 3x pajamas.

10.) 3x bodies

11.) 2x leggings.

12.) 2x pairs of socks.

13.) 2x light blankets. I really like my Tula blankets. 

14.) 2x hats.

15.) Burp rags

16.) Warmer blanket

17.) Footmuff for the car seat if it’s very cold and windy outside. I’ve heard good things about Volksi Move footmuff. So maybe check that out.

I think this is it. I’m sure I forgot something, but I make sure to add it here later. I hope you enjoyed my list and it helped at least one of you and made this whole packing situation less stressful. 

Lots of Love,


Here is a picture of my super pissed off Coco, who was not amused when I tried to tease her a bit while I was packing my hospital bag for myself and for the little one.