Tricks and treatments for a very dry hair and scalp

For the last year my hair has become really dry and lifeless. One reason for that is the constant traveling from the cold weather to a hot weather, second one has been stress (major cause for hair fallout) and the third reason has been me lacking some important vitamins. So today I am writing to you about some tricks and products that have really helped me out and made my hair look so much better. Hints (lots of water, coconut oil, vitamins and good hair masks).

1.) I have increased the amount of water I drink per day drastically from few cups to 3 liters per day. I know at first it sounds scary and impossible to drink so much water, but in time it becomes so natural that now I wouldn’t know how I could drink any less water. You can always mix in a bit of lemon or some other natural flavors, that would will make the intake more enjoyable. I like to mix in my bottle a bit of lemon juice. But don’t drink it after you have brushed your teeth before you go to bed. Otherwise it will mess up your enamel in time.
2.) I started taking some multivitamins and the ones that are specifically targeted to improve the condition of your hair, nails and skin. I take these ones from Vitabiotics (link) and they are also suitable for my vegan friends. I take one per day. Also I need to take some more folic acid and iron on top of it.
3.) I LOVE is my coconut oil. Oh, this is just amazing. You can eat a table spoon of it daily and it is so good for your skin and hair. Other thing is that it is more effective than anything for dry scalp and even to treat dandruff. I sometimes like to mix some tea tree oil in it, so it will have a nice fresh scent and will give this cooling effect on top of everything.
4.) An important trick is to choose a decent hair mask, that really works. I like to use these two as they leave my hair so soft and the scent is also really nice. First favorite is from a brand called Macadamia and the other one is a real treat from the brand Shu Uemura. I know that the price tag might seem scary at first, but you use only a little bit and it is a true investment that really is worth it.
I apply my conditioner into dry hair before washing them with shampoo. I find that I do get the maximum effect if I do things in that order.
5.) Wash your hair with a right temperature water. I would say warmish water to wash (not hot water) and cool (not cold) water for rinsing. I use to take mega hot showers and it is so bad for your scalp I can promise you that.
6.) Leave in oils and treatments are also good for your hair. These three products are my favorites. Mythic Oil by L’Oréal, Redken extreme anti-snap and to add some shine Macadamia Healing Oil in spray. The only thing is that the Macadamia healing oil has a very specific scent, so you either hate it or love it.
7.) Avoid brushing your hair while they are still wet. I let my hair dry naturally and then use my good old Tangle teezer!!!
8.) Avoid dry shampoo, when you have and itchy scalp.
P.S. Oh and less stress!!! 🙂 Everything that makes you stressed out needs to leave your life and mind. That’s my approach. It makes such a huge difference to your appearance.
If you would like to read more about the benefits of the Coconut Oil, I’ ll pop a good site for that here. LINK