10 Products that I regret buying 2015

I would like to start by saying that although these products didn’t work for me – it doesn’t mean that they won’t work for you. This is just my humble opinion and also please do bare in mind that I have a very sensitive skin. So let’s begin 🙂 

1.) Rimmel London “Wake Me Up” concealer – in general really do love the Rimmel products and especially their “Wake Me Up” foundation (in fact that is one of my favorite drugstore foundations). That was mainly the reason why I was really looking forward to try out their concealer.
I had heard really good things about the concealer, but I must admit I was really disappointed in this product. I tried it out for a few weeks and gave up. It just doesn’t work on my skin at all. It is not so much the color, but it just kept sliding off, it didn’t give me the coverage or brightening effect I was hoping for.

On top of everything, it made my eyes water really bad. So to sum up the long story – it isn’t a product for me. On a more positive note, I have many friends who swear by it and say it’s the best concealer ever.


2.) Isadora Eyeshadow Trio “89 Treasure Island” – I usually am a huge fan of Isadora’s eye shadows. They tend to be very creamy and pigmented. That is not the case with this small trio. Although they look very intriguing in the palette – they they swatch very sheer. So I would still recommend Isadora’s eye shadows – just not this trio.
3.) Bourjois blush “34 Rose D’or” –  Now look at this beauty! When I first bought it I was so excited about this blush and it smells so good. It is one of the prettiest blushes I have ever seen in my life. I didn’t have the time to try it on in the store and maybe that is why I was so disappointed once I got to try it out at home.
I know it looks super creamy and pigmented in the pot, but if you swatch it – it comes out way too sheer (you can barely see it). So, I love the scent and the lovely golden shimmer in it, it’s not too junky or glittery (just perfect), I just wish it would have more pigment in it.

4.) Sephora long lasting kohl pencil “Color 07 Infinite Beige”– I really like the color of this kohl pencil, but the only problem I have with this pencil is that it isn’t creamy to use, in fact it is the hardest kohl pencil I have ever owned. I use it as a concealer at the moment, because I can’t use it for my eyes.


5.) Estée Lauder “Double Wear Light” – I love the Estée Lauder “Double wear” foundation (this one and the NARS one are always in my makeup bag). When I first tried it in the store I really liked it. Now that I have had more time to try this out – I really don’t like this foundation at all. It seems that everything is off with this one. The color, the texture, the finish and the lasting power is really bad.



6.) Simple “Foaming Cleanser” – Everyone who knows me, knows how much I rave about the brand Simple and my good old Simple wipes (my favorite makeup wipes by far). So then I decided to try out more of their products. I tried their creams, eye makeup remover etc. I just really didn’t get along with this product. First of all it didn’t clean well and it dried my skin out. So I won’t be investing into the foaming cleanser again.

7.) L’Oréal hair spray “Elnett Satin” – this hairspray is legendary. It is definitely a must have hair product. When it comes to this specific one – I really love how well it works, but I just can’t get over the terrible scent. Oh wow…this product stinks of piss. No joke! It feels like you are spraying urine on your hair.
It smelled so bad that I stopped using this immediately and had to wash my newly washed hair again to get rid of the scent, because this scent lingers in your hair forever. So unless you won’t wash it ( the smell will be there). I must say I was so sad, because I really liked the hold it gave and then I found out they also have the unscented version available – so I will definitely go and get it.
8.) Aussie “Take The Heat” leave-in spray – This product is on this list, because it made my scalp itch like crazy. I had the same effect with their shampoo and conditioner. The products smell good, but I guess my scalp is just way to sensitive for their products 🙂


9.) TRESemmé “Heat Defence” – I bought this as I was looking for a new alternative for my Aussie heat protector and I believe Tanya Burr recommended this at one point in her blog. So I decided to try it out. Let me break it down for you gently –  it smells insanely strong and has that strong chemical scent. On top of everything it made my scalp itch.


To be fair, if you can look past the scent issue and the you don’t have as sensitive skin as I do, it is a great product and leaves your hair silky smooth after I straightened them.


10.) Rodial Brazilian Tan Airbrush – This was the first ever self tan I bought for myself. I think I bought it from SpaceNK a while ago. It might be discontinued by now – not sure. What can I say? This is definitely not one of those gradual tan type of products. If you want quick results – this is it! It has a strong red undertone to it, so not amazing for really pale skin.Secondly the application is an absolute nightmare.


It goes on super patchy, I mean if you look really closely – you can see millions of red dots on your skin. Basic common sense is that spray tanning on your own is never a great idea – it goes wrong and fast. To sum things up – my main three reasons why I didn’t like this product were that it has very strong red undertones to it and that it goes on patchy and on top of everything it makes a horrible mess in your bathroom.